• The most widely understood language in the world

English is the official language of 67 countries and the official language for the world’s major institutions such as the United Nations, European Union, and NATO. More importantly, English is the world’s “second language”. One in five people speaks or understands a little bit of English or at least knows the basics.

  • It is the language of business

Over 65% of leaders said their workforce needed to master English to enable their expansion plans. English remains the global language of business so is a vital tool.

Also, there’s greater demand across the world for communication in English. Some countries have stated that advanced to fluent English is a required qualification to become a civil servant. English is a compulsory part of the educational curriculum in schools around the world too, so it is not just the workplace that is seeing a growing use of English. 

English has become the language of academic knowledge globally. More than 50% of internet pages, search results, and articles are in English. There are many universities around the world that have recognized the need for English and are now teaching entire courses in English.

  • It is the language of the internet

The internet has created a level playing field in terms of English use. Over 536 million people use the internet in English, more than a quarter of all users. No wonder why social networking and relationships lean more towards English than any other language.

Learning and practicing English can lead to many new opportunities, it helps you improve personally and professionally. As well as broadening your mind. Being able to speak English opens you up to global education and career opportunities and enables you to meet people from all around the world.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking of learning better English. What has prompted you to think about it? Is it related to work, or a personal goal? Let us know how we can help you and take the opportunity to join a learning group or community from around the world, you will not be alone in your learning journey.

Omniya Kareem
Omniya Kareem

Omniya dedicates her free time volunteering by helping people around the world practice their English and helping them improve their confidence. Click the button below and give her a follow on Clubhouse.